FizzPop Interiors works with architects or individuals to make a space perfect for YOU. Be it all new, or working with a few pieces you know and love I’ll make your space feel just right

Photography courtesy of Tanja Milbourne.

Dining heaven

Residential Renovation

Whatever the size and at whatever the stage I can help with your residential renovation. From working with you and your architect or builder at concept stage through to helping you bring the space together once you've moved in. Its up to you. One room or the whole house, I'm happy to help. 

Its amazing what a coat of paint can do

Updating an existing space

 New home that needs some love to make it feel just right? Buying time until a full renovation? New family member on the way or a child needing a more grown up space?  

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materials selection

Feeling overwhelmed and your builder or architect is telling you you need to choose your bench, your taps, tiles, grout colour and you need to do it now? Or have an image of a space you love and cant work out how to get there? FizzPop will help

My name is Emma and I'm FizzPop Interiors. I'm a lover of colour and fun (and champagne)

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My best work

My best work


There are multiple benefits to using an interior decorator and bottom line - they’ll save you (a lot of) money and they’ll save you time (and stress).

FizzPop Interiors has trade accounts with suppliers big and small, offering a very wider range of access to products, the ability to customise and most importantly I pass on my trade discounts to you.

For example that beautiful bottle green velvet couch you’ve been dreaming of ….at $3500 is looking like it will remain a dream, especially when you also need light fittings and a dining table. But let me put this in perspective - you engage FizzPop Interiors to assist with your living and dining area. I charge you $900 BUT I pass on my discount on your couch - which will now cost you $2100 and you’re already ahead! Discounts range from 10% to up to 40% so using me will bring you well ahead.

I’ll also show you where best to get the most bang for your buck and have nifty tricks up my sleeve. I have also worked with Christian Cole Designs, Motto Furniture and Mark Tuckey on custom pieces to ensure you get exactly the right piece for your space - when we cant find it we can design it!

In addition everything will work, you’ll not have to spend hours and hours schlepping around looking for the elusive piece and I promise you your place will look FANTASTIC!

But don’t just listen to me - read more reasons why here

A Victorian Renovation


This home it was originally a vision of apricot, lace and wall to wall carpet. A typical early 80’s renovation. Prior to the full renovation we painted the house white, dyed the carpets (yes you can do that!) let the light buy changing window furnishings and made low cost changes to get us through the next few years as we worked out how best to renovate this beauty.

Following this the house had a full renovation with a fabulous architect. I worked very closely with the architect and our fabulous cabinet makers to ensure the home was exactly the way we’d imagined.

I’m really proud of the results. The details such as the hidden coffee machine, the bevelled splash back and the amazing tiles in the bathroom make this house. I hope I can help you achieve the same level of satisfaction in your home. Getting the details right for you and having it looking great and most importantly working for your family so you can relax and enjoy your space.


Handy storage for the all important coffee machine
\Kitchen Detail. Custom stools to match joinery
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A few mood boards and selections to contemplate


Working with FizzPop is a straightforward, transparent and fun process. My prices are my prices with no hidden extras and I’d like to take the stress out and put the fun in. Having renovated myself I also understand things always cost more than we’d planned (we’ve all watched Grand Designs!) but i’m committed to finding you the right pieces within your budget so your house feels like the home you’ve been dreaming of.


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Introducing blues into a kitchen

Introducing blues into a kitchen

Local Artist Sally Richmond's custom piece
Tween to Teen Room

Tween to Teen Room

A tranquil dining option - love the pendant lights!

A tranquil dining option - love the pendant lights!

Light airy sumptuous

Light airy sumptuous