Focus on design - Basil Bangs

Basil Bangs are an Australian design group specialising in outdoor homewares. They make beach and garden umbrellas, picnic rugs, outdoor cushions and have recently moved intro tablecloths and placemats etc.

They’re best known for their fantastic collaborations with artists such as Lucas Grogan, Leah Bartholomew, Camilla and Cynthia Rowell to name just a few.

The products are top quality and different. We’ve had our beach umbrella for 8 years now and its still going strong and is as bright and colourful as the day we bought it, which is saying something in Australia’s harsh sunlight. And the best thing is the kids can always find us on the beach - they just look for the bright brolly in a sea of blue beach tents.

Picnic rugs are also a fantastic addiution as they fold up and are also teflon treated so super durable and perfect for the general mess that accompanies any outdoor eating.

A great little company started by four friends and kicking goals.